Seeking models for new artistic direction...

After a 4 year absence in photography, I have rediscovered my passion within the art and am currently updating my portfolio (link below). If any Detroit area models are interested in working together to create some dramatic glamour/art photography, feel free to contact me. An escort is welcome for your concerns and a media CD will be provided shortly afterwards. TFCD only. Thanks and take care...


Dark Vision Studio


New ventures?

After way too many years of seclusion within the second shift (afternoons) on my "real" job, I decided it is time for a change and I'm moving to dayshift. A change that is too long in coming perhaps, but it's high time for this night creature to experience the daylight and rejoin the living. I can't wait like a child waiting for Christmas as I can see the possiblities abound to finally have a healthy social and personal life all around. To visit galleries and museums. To see a movie. To go to dinners. To have coffeehouse chats. To work with other creative groups.

The future is looking really good.



A rant...

Why is it so hard to be understood?

When sometime you expresss yourself poetically or artistically, other think you are too much?

All I am is a simple man of simple values.

I feel.

I express.

I release.

But then there are others that think you think too much.

I cannot help who I am.

I cannot help what I am.

A being filled with emotions and desires in hopes to find some salvation.

A being still holding onto a scant facade of feeling true happiness.

Of feeling at peace.

I'm tired of being misunderstood.

I'm tired of being looked at as complex.

I am simple.

I am human.

I feel.