This may be my last within a series of words of angels. I have seen a light towards a greater path...a more divine journey which will inspire new words and imagery as I venture deeper within. Enjoy and stay tuned.

I find myself
To my knees
Draped only
In silence
For my angel
To come
Without words
Without regrets
Just open arms
To envelop
Within the warmth
And serenity
Of love eternal

© 2005 DVS


These are past word that were left unsaid...I don't want them anymore...enjoy.


Within her glance
I see the world
Of endless possibilities

Within her touch
I sense the beginnings
Of eternal wonders

Within her embrace
I feel the enwrapment
Of unfathomed bliss

And within her kiss
I am consumed
Willingly and completely

© 2005 Dvs


I love you
I love all that you are
I love all that you will be
I love all that you'll always be

I love the sight of you
The softened curves
That unleash within
Forgotten fires

I love the smell of you
The sweetened scent
Enchanting within
Of heavenly bliss

I love the feel of you
The touch of velvet
Draped within the satins
Of pure enticement

I love the taste of you
Like exquisite wine
To savour and nourish
An eager mouth

I love your delightful squeals
Within unexpected surprises

I love your joyous laughter
Within carefree happiness

I love your dream filled eyes
Within the ripples of ecstacy

I love your softened sighs
Within the waves of desire

I love the presence of you
I love the memories of you
I love all that you are
I love you

© 2005 Dvs


I want...
I need...
I desire...
I miss...


Changes...part 2

Ack...I told myself that I wouldn't use this journal for ramblings other than ones in artistic form. Change. It can truly be a wonderful thing at times. But sometimes when you are desperately seeking it to help bring you back into the light, you have to create it yourself.

A month back I was in a car accident that broke my car. But little did I know that this accident would be something good for me. It made me think about my life once again and do things that were always "not me".

So...within this change comes a new car (a midnight sparkly blue Vibe...yes, I said blue). Color has started to become important to me now. I've been using vivid red quite a bit recently within my photographic work. And within my home.

What other changes...new spiritual people in my life to help keep my focus. Quitting smoking. Working out again. Redecorating the house. A new job. Reviving my independant films. Started a new spiritual photo series. Yadda yadda yadda.

I still feel lost at times with a slight emptiness deep within, but I will always be okay. I know something truly amazing is coming to me. I feel it even deeper with. All it is is a matter of time.