Visions of Kajira

The first image was planned thouroughly using a star filter and developed just as wonderful as envisioned...

The rest of the session has unexpectedly become very sacred to me. It began simply as covering the captivating Kajira in gently sifted ash and mud to find beauty within its filth. After she showered and left, I placed in one of those soul-searching CDs and began reviewing the images...and begun seeing something different...something unexpected that mere beauty-in-filth images. I remembered where the ashes came from. I remembered what they once meant to me. Years ago, through a period of personal torment and pain from a relationship, I decided to cleanse. Cleanse the self and soul of all remnants of this pain. Cleanse all through the purity of fire.
All that was once beautiful
that fell fast beneath nothing
burning within a flash
as the moments were lived
enflaming towards ash
smolderings smothered
in bitter spit-wine
to blackened filth
in darkness
for a moment
for a final word
from filth
to beauty
once more

So...what was veiled upon her skin was more than mere soot and ash. They were the remnants of discarded hopes, passions and dreams, once mighty and great then denied and forgotten. A simple exploration of ashen beauty uncovered a radiantly emotive phoenix silently rising by way of Kajira's moving poses of reflection, solace and serenity. Perhaps she felt a powerful dormant essence enshrouding her...guiding her. I'll never ask as, in my mind, I already know the answer.

Then this image was just for fun...

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