Visions of Zentai @ the Exotica 2 Expo

As some of you have previously read, I held a little photography session with 10 models in Zentai bodysuits at the recent Exotica 2 Expo in Detroit...and here are the results:

"Zentai Taikai" - I saw a small sea of bodies in this image flowing about one another so the title translates from Japanese into "Covered Ocean".

"Zentai Hejira" - I saw an exodus of beings from within darkness towards light. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Japanese word for "exodus" so I decided to use the Latin "hejira", which means a flight from an undesirable place.

Special thanks to models (in alphabetical order) Amadeus, Chrissy, Dika, Elys3, Farril, Jade, Kajira, Libertine, Siddella and Sparkillz.

Comments/critique/praises welcome...


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