Life...death...rebirth...(in loving remembrance)

Today marks a special anniversary...an 10 year anniversary of life, death and rebirth...the beginning of what makes me who I am today...

- Prologue -

There was this sweet angel of a girl. Her name was Priya. A girl whose physical beauty was wonderfully complimented by the beauty of her inner light. A dear friend amongst a circle of close friends whom did many things together as a group. Clubs. Parties. Theatre. Festivals. Nearly everything. And everywhere she went, she always carried her shy closed-mouth smile.

But she had a flaw as beauty always does...two actually. A heroin addiction and a controlling boyfriend who nurtured it. Actually, it was an addiction to both that slowly created turmoil within the circle...and between us. I remember offering a quiet ear when she needed to express the conflict within...sometimes a shoulder for her pain-filled tears. However, in time comes the realization that you cannot help those who will not help themselves. And within that time, somehow, we parted ways.

Fast-forward six months. I was helping a new friend move into her new house. I remember vividly the beautiful sunny day when my cellphone rang. It was Priya. I listened as she told me her now ex-boyfriend became physically abusive...he was now in jail for possession...how she took back her life...and that she put herself through rehab. She has been clean for four months and needed positive people within her new path in life. And her first thought was of me. I knew this took much courage to do this...both rehab and the call. I told her how very proud I was of her and coincidentally, had an extra ticket to see "Everything But The Girl" that night and invited her.

The concert was amazing. We stood about ten feet from the stage and sang all our favorite songs. When the song "Missing" began to play, I asked her to dance...and we twirled as much as we could on the crowded concert floor. She later confessed that it was the first time she ever danced with anyone. We quickly became friends again. Having fun once again with me finding much joy seeing her within her new life. I was deeply proud of her. Deeply.

Then she disappeared. Without a word. After a couple weeks, and through her parents, I found her. The "ex" was released from jail, came back into her life...and brought with him the gift of her old addiction. I was angry. Disappointed. I felt betrayed. With much conviction, she told me how she loved him and couldn't leave him. I've heard this too many times before and know all too well its consequences. And we drifted apart once again.

Fast-forward two months. The next day was November 4...my birthday. I knew my friends were planning something sinister. And they didn't fail me. We literally took over the Magic Stick downtown as all my friends, close and casual, were there. We drank...played pool...bowled...and chummed together. At one point, amongst the countless shots and drinks, I was gang chased around the bar and held bent over on the pool table as some gave their complimentary spankings. It was literally the best birthday I've had in my entire life. Fun with a capital F-U-N! I was driven home around 4 or 5am and slept the next day away. Well, most of the day until the phone began ringing. I answered. It was Priya's mother. With her frail voice, she told me that the boyfriend was put back in jail again for drug possession a few days back. And last night, Priya, left alone in their apartment...took a gun...and ended her life...


- Epilogue -

As I lived within a year of painful guilt, blame and regret, I moved inwards. Explored. And discovered new ways of expressing what I felt, thought and lived. New artistic mediums beginning with poetry, then sculpture, photography and finally, a film script that I feel encompasses all the emotions, mediums and release of those darkened days.

Odd how one's death can become awakening for another. The end to become the beginning. But also, what a fitting tribute...to live, learn and grow from her life...and life itself. And through this, she lives eternally.

May your spirit find the peace that eluded it in life

Happy birthday to me...

Sing, damn it!!!


Motor City Art Expo 3 & me

I will be one of the dozens of artists showcasing their lastest work at the upcoming Motor City Art Expo. This will also be the first time I am actually selling prints of 50 of my favorite images. The info and flyer is below so if you're in the area, stop in and say "hello".

Motor City Art Expo 3
Wednesday November 08 2006
7pm - $5 cover

Emerald Theatre
31 N Walnut St
Mount Clemens, MI
(586) 913.1920


Posters, prints, small press, photography exhibit, art, comics

Also perfromances by CASP and special guests Candy Pants Burlesque


This Sat: Studio Seen, Take One - Art, music & martial arts (& DVS)

Light and Shadow Photography & Rising Dragon present:

studio seen, take one

Hosts: Lee Runchey, Paul Von Schadd & Cal Simmons

Art and photography from Mare Costello, DVS, Gwen Joy, Em Pelton, Betzi, Dave Lingle, Radar Media, Chuk Nowak, Marie Kidd, Fuzzytek, Allison Glen, Jaku, Serge Gay, Angela Galea, Scott Humphrey, Niekoh Vardas, Stephanie Sturton, Courtney Dailey and Dan Padilla.

Music and martial arts demos.

Plus, you might be invited to step in front of the camera during a live photo shoot and become the face for the Silver Media Group, Detroit's arts, entertainment and lifestyle PR agency.

21+ are welcome

BF Goodrich Building
E. Jefferson Ave. between Alter & Ashland
(Next to 14815 E. Jefferson)
Detroit, MI 48215


DVS @ the Dirty Show this weekend!

Come see me and my new work Fri and/or Sat night at:

(click the image for more details)

Last Day of Summer, First Day of Fall - Dirty Show 7.5

Friday-Sunday September 22-24 2006

18+ with Photo ID

Bert's Warehouse Theater

2739 Russell St

Detroit, MI 48207

In Eastern Market

For more info & tickets:




Open thy heart and not thy eyes to see...


See me this Wed (5/24) @ Motor City Art Expo 2

Emerald Theatre Presents
Motor City Art Expo 2

Rock Posters and Prints
Small Press Exhibition
Photography Exhibit
Original Art

Tickets $5
7pm Doors

[ Click Here To View Event ]

Come check out some of Metro Detroit's hottest local artists including:

Sean Bieri
Matt Feazel
Michaelangelo Cicerone
Andy Kocis
Carl Lundgren
Gary Grimshaw
Leni Sinclair
Matt Busch
Sarah Wilkinson
Bob Stewart
Gwen Joy
Jim Mackey
John Boissy
Frances Cocagne
Pete Trudgeon
Aaron Trudgeon
Nate Higley
Barb Houcke
Marty Hirchak
Mark Dancey
Suzanne Baumann
Eric Hodson

Performances by:
Noir Leather
Causing A Scene

Sounds by:
DJ Limecoat Craig

Emerald Theatre
31 N Walnut St
Mount Clemens, MI


Naughty Tip #33

At a wonderful place called Marvelous Marvin's Mechanical Museum (www.marvin3m.com) in Farmington Hills, MI, there's a plethora of amazing old carnival games including one particular "fun" one. It's an old "test of strength" machine with a animated mechanical life-sized man in the booth and two metal orbs. The object is to hold on to the orbs as long as you can as it send low amperage electricity through your hands via the orbs as it verbally taunts you. Now here's where the fun begins:

1) Put in your two quarters
2) Grab a loved one (or a reasonable facsimile)
3) Each grab one orb but don't touch each other
4) Moisten your own lips
5) As the jolts begin...kiss

It will be one of the most electrifying kisses you may have had since your first. =D Only the daring will use tongue. =P A cheap violet wand/ray device for those that "know" what that is and it's "fun" use. ;)

Note: An odd taste and tingling sensation will last for about 30 minutes. My fillings felt weird too. :|


Sat 04.15.06 - Original Sin Exhibition @ Metro Image Gallery

You are cordially invited to attend the artist reception for the Original Sin Exhibition at the new Metro Image Gallery in Detroit.

This collection of 60+ images by 14 of Detroit's best photographers has been held over by popular demand.  So come mingle with photographers and models alike for an exotic good time with free food and drinks.

Saturday, April 15, 2006
4 pm - 10 pm

Click Here To View Event

Metro Image Gallery

138 Cadillac Square
Fourth Floor
Detroit, MI 48226

Hope to see you there!

Anthony (DVS)
Dark Vision Studio


"Drowning" and "RIP"

Words old and new but all flow, swirl and glide wondrously within each other...



I find myself
Still drowning
Deep within
The shimmering waters
Often floating
In fragility
On the surface
Only to be pulled under
With the gentle ripples
Of memory



It is time
To forget the dream
To turn away from want
To bury need
No silent prayers
No parting words
Just laid to rest
With no marker
To what once was
To what was to be
Then walk away
Never to look back
And find peace
Within eternity



Each breath
Each beat

(c) 2006 Dvs


There is no end
Without beginning
No exit
Without entrance
Without life
Take in
First breath
Of rebirth
Of new life
Ever casting
Hopeful doubt
Of light contrasting
To begin the end
Of life relived
Life unlived

(c) 2006 Dvs


Angela revisited...Guns, apples and a bikini

It's been a long time since I had a shoot like this...no elabortate plans whatsoever...just the artist, the girl, an impromptu shopping spree, grabbing some random props and just having fun...

View the rest of the session and more at:


It's in this moment...

There is a small scene
Just a single moment
When throughout the chaos
Throughout the pain
That what you were always seeking
Has been in front of you
All along the way

(From the final scene of the film Strange Days)

Lori Carson & Graeme Revell - Fall In The Light

It's in this moment
Hold on
When everything has come apart
It's in this moment
Right now
When it can come together
Raise your sights
What's there to lose?
Fall in the light
Fall in the light

In all this trouble
Hold on
To the innocence with which you were born
There's so much struggle
Be strong
Find the faith you need to carry on
It's a long night
You're not alone
Fall in the light
Fall in the light

Sweet air it falls into place
Sun through the haze
Doesn't it feel a little like grace

It's in this moment
Hold on
When everything has come apart
It's in this moment
Right now
When everything comes together
Raise your soul
What's there to lose
Fall in the light
Fall in the light
Fall in the light

(Hold on...and I will catch you)


Visions of Z

See the rest of the gallery at:


She floated down
Gracefully returning
A beautiful raven
Singing from the heart
Of passions untaken
Of love denied
By another

I sit in silence
As she sadly sings
Of beautiful hope
Of wondrous dreams
Painful songs
I've sung before
Amidst her wings
When I had a voice
When I sang loudly
Of her


Rodin's "Awakening"

The beginning of a new series tributing the works
of various masters of art

See the rest of the gallery at:



I finally have a breath to do something within my blog that I told myself I wouldn't do...babble. I saw Cirque de Solei's Delirium last week and it left me...inspired...hopeful...at peace. Granted, it wasn't one of the better Cirque's, but about midway, I saw something amazing within the story subtly lying inside moving art and theatrics...myself. Where one often hovers over their own life...drowns within waves of memories...entangles within anguish and submits to hopelessness. But within this, there was a simple need...a most simple desire. To fly. To soar above all of this. To not only touch light, but embrace it and relish it with pure childlike joy and happiness. I saw the shear ecstatic exhilaration on his face when he finally gave in and held what he didn't know he desired most...and it brought tears to my eyes...and a much needed breath of relief. This simple scene made me realize that I have to stop watching life from above or below...stop living through the lives of others...start reaching towards my own light and soar. Soar.


"Sacred Heart"

This was done using fire as the only lighting source.

See the rest of the gallery at:



See the rest of the images at:


DVS @ Fetish Bizarre

Friday January 13

2764 Florian
Hamtramck, MI


A fun filled evening full of live music, erotic art, fire breathers, cage dancers, fetish play, body metal grinding, human pin cushion, suspension artists and much much more!

Performances by the Devil Dolls
with Explict Ink suspension show
Music by Manic's Rage
Exotic art by DVS
Sponsored by Noir Leather

18+ Welcome
$10 Admission at the door
or $5 through the Devil Dolls

[ Click Here To View The MySpace Event ]