New visions of Siddella - Transcendence Series (Artistic Nudity Warning)

It's been a while since I've sent new session updates, but I "have" been shooting...so here are the latest sessions with Siddella that begins a new series requiring definition...Transcendence. On appearance, some of the images may appear simply as gore, kink or something darkly sinister. But, as with life, simplicity can be deceptively complex and appearances can mask the true essence of self. This series represents transcendence beyond boundaries perceived by mortality, emotion and anima. Light from darkness...love beyond death...life above pain...the beginning within the end. (Note: The last image "Absolution" was featured at Dirty Show 8 in Feb 2007)

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A new addition to the family...

May I introduce to you...Kali Ma (yes, you are seeing 6 toes and a double claw on her paw). ^-^

"Thou art the Beginning of all, Creatrix, Protectress, and Destructress that Thou art" - Shiva in the Mahanirvana-tantra


03.08.07 Hush: A Dirty Show Fine Art Photographer Showcase

Pulse Lounge • Thursday, March 8, 2007

From Detroit's own internationally acclaimed Dirty Show® emanates a more intimate exhibition of fine art nude photography entitled "Hush: A Dirty Show Photographer Showcase, Series One". Opening on March 08 2007 at Pulse Lounge in Detroit, the Hush exhibit will feature elegant sensual works of four specially selected Detroit-area photographers showcased at recent and past Dirty Show® events. These photographers are:

- BT Charles (www.btcharles.com), whose vintage-inspired erotic photographs have recently been published in "The New Erotic Photography" by Taschen Publishing as well as showcased at The World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Florida. BT is also a featured artist in the upcoming Colin Duerr film on Detroit Erotic Artists, tentatively due sometime in 2007.

- Chris Maher (www.dreamsofthegoddess.com), who has earned a living as a fine art photographer for more than 25 years, also co-authored the book "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques" as well as written regular columns in Shutterbug Magazine and eDigital Photo Magazine. His current work includes his "Spirit Series" photographs of sensual anthropomorphic smoke and "Figure Series", a continuing exploration of the female form in nature and studio.

- DVS (www.dvsdetroit.com), whose goddess-inspired spiritual photography reflects a fascination in shadowplay, uncovers the emotive persona within his imagery. His work, featured in Photographer's Forum "Best of 2005" book of international collected works, and pseudonym, a play on the word "devious", clearly reflects the definition of "departing from the common norm".

- Danielle Kaltz a 'shoot from the hip' type of photographer whose approach grants her 'slices of life' that most would not keep in this digital age. Ranging from modern digital cameras to antiques refitted with current film sizes, the results are much like old 'flash bulb' memories purposely cropped oddly or softly out of focus to reveal an aura of intrigue.

The opening artist reception begins at 6pm on Thursday, March 08 2007 and will continue at Pulse Lounge until March 31 2007. Most works will be available for purchase. Pulse (www.pulsedetroit.com), Detroit's simple, yet sophisticated cocktail lounge, is located at 156 Monroe Street in downtown Detroit.