The wonderful thing about the written word as it allows you to expel inner turmoils and those sometimes beautiful darkened emotions that plague us from moving on. After I wrote this, I felt a great weight lifted from within and I know I will become greater from the experience. Enjoy.


I didn't love you
I wasn't in love with you
I didn't cherish everything that was you
I wasn't inspired by your vibrant soul
I wasn't amazed by your timeless wisdom
I wasn't fascinated by your childlike curiosity
I wasn't uplifted by the winds of your spirit
I wasn't grounded by your loving embrace
I wasn't humbled by your physical beauty
I wasn't in awe of your inner beauty
I didn't fall deeply within your soulful eyes
I wasn't weakened by your tender kiss
I wasn't reborn within your every breath
I wasn't bound in ecstacy within your touch
I wasn't weakened by your ecstatic sighs
I didn't savour the taste of you
I didn't lose myself within the hours of passion
I wasn't proud of your scars on my flesh
I wasn't in peace within your satiated sleep
My heart didn't shatter when you said you loved someone else
My life didn't fade when you left me for him
I don't see your face within every crowd
I don't hear your voice within every breeze
I won't die without your love
I won't die without you
Because I wasn't in love with you
I didn't...
Love you

Copyright 2004 Dvs - All Rights Reserved

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