I finally have a breath to do something within my blog that I told myself I wouldn't do...babble. I saw Cirque de Solei's Delirium last week and it left me...inspired...hopeful...at peace. Granted, it wasn't one of the better Cirque's, but about midway, I saw something amazing within the story subtly lying inside moving art and theatrics...myself. Where one often hovers over their own life...drowns within waves of memories...entangles within anguish and submits to hopelessness. But within this, there was a simple need...a most simple desire. To fly. To soar above all of this. To not only touch light, but embrace it and relish it with pure childlike joy and happiness. I saw the shear ecstatic exhilaration on his face when he finally gave in and held what he didn't know he desired most...and it brought tears to my eyes...and a much needed breath of relief. This simple scene made me realize that I have to stop watching life from above or below...stop living through the lives of others...start reaching towards my own light and soar. Soar.

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