New visions of Siddella - Transcendence Series (Artistic Nudity Warning)

It's been a while since I've sent new session updates, but I "have" been shooting...so here are the latest sessions with Siddella that begins a new series requiring definition...Transcendence. On appearance, some of the images may appear simply as gore, kink or something darkly sinister. But, as with life, simplicity can be deceptively complex and appearances can mask the true essence of self. This series represents transcendence beyond boundaries perceived by mortality, emotion and anima. Light from darkness...love beyond death...life above pain...the beginning within the end. (Note: The last image "Absolution" was featured at Dirty Show 8 in Feb 2007)

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bt said...

Hey there pal...great photos as always. Been ultra busy (you know..as we have talked). I just wanted to shoot my kudos at cha'.

Talk soon..