TODAY: Huge DVS solo gallery (& secret unveiling) @ People’s Art Festival

I was graciously given a 1000 square foot studio at the People's Art Festival and have filled it with nearly 50 of my best exotic photographs...some never shown before! PLUS I have decided to unveil a preview of a new series that is an experimental new direction within my art...Divina Soma, the nexus of spirituality and the anatomic self. You can find me inside the main building (number 2) off the music stage on the second floor next to the wine tasting. The directions are further below. Hope to see you there!


What does a world-renowned poster artist, a hospital pathologist, an underground novelist, a Detroit City Council woman, a former police officer, a sword and guillotine maker and the author of a best-selling business book have in common? They are part of an estimated 150 plus visual artists, filmmakers, musicians and other performance artists already on board to exhibit and perform at the Inaugural People's Arts Festival on September 15th, 2007 at The Russell Industrial Center located at 1600 Clay Avenue off I-75.

The People's Arts Festival is also expected to be the largest free-to-artists festival ever held in the City of Detroit. "We hope to accomplish several things through our sponsorship of the Festival," said Dennis Kefallinos, the owner of Russell Industrial Center. "First of all it's our way of saying, 'Thank You' to the artists and other creative people who have chosen to locate their studios and businesses with us. It's also a way of giving back to Detroit and proving that there's still a lot of positive enery in this city. Finally, it's a way for us to showcase this unbelievable campus. We have 7 buildings here and over 2.2 million square feet, so there's still plenty of room for people who are interested in joining our community."

Among the dozens of visual artists will be legendary Detroit poster artist Gary Grimshaw, Mark Arminki (a globally-renowned painter and poster maker), Pete Traskal, Megan Jones, Ryan Matthews, Amy Memminger, Mike Kelley, Steven Dunn, Audry Pongracz, Jeff White, Robert Stewart, Julie Fournier, Lisolette Gilcrest, Marc Nischan, Matt Feazell, Emily Slade, Andy Kem and Sarah Lipinski.

Confirmed musical acts include (among others): Jill Jack; Audra Kubit; The Loftees w/Johnny Chrome; The Cetan Clawson Revolution; NOMAN; Circus Boy Detroit; Imperial Empire; and thtx.

NooMoon and Causing a Scene are among the scheduled performance artists.

Filmmakers are scheduled to present a series of short films.

Food and beverage service will be offered by Niki's Pizza, Loco's Mexican Cuisine.

The Russell Industrial Center is right off of I-75 and the Clay/W. Grand Blvd. exit (north of Mack, south of 7 mile)

Once you get off that exit, it's on the SouthEast side of the road. Big sign.... enter off of Clay

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