New ventures...revisited

Well, it's been a couple weeks of coming into the light, so to speak, and it's been...interesting. For the first time in too many years, I've had many moments to reflect upon my life. I've experienced new adventures (skydiving!). Involved new people in my life. Changed my social horizons. But overall, I now realize what I've always been missing...needing in my life...


I now realize that I've spent way too many years rejecting the "normal" life. Living for what I thought fulfilled me. Thriving within the nightlife. Becoming part of the industry. Trying to create something big within the city as a means to somewhat give meaning to my life. And within this, I've lost what truly mattered in life. To find peace in the simplest things. To find comfort in normalcy.

I've now rediscovered long hidden passions within that used to fulfill me years ago. To simply create. To write. To compose music. To think freely and openly about anything and everything. And through this, I've also now realized the blessings that life had given me to merely get lost within the complications of my previous life. Once-in-a-lifetime gifts that I had foolishly let slip away. And I am saddened within this newfound peace.

Overall, I know I will be okay. I am learning from my mistakes and am working to create a better and more complete me. To uncomplicate myself. To take time to count the stars. To truly breathe in life and become what I once was years ago...An ever self-exploring artist that thrives to seek enrichment within the simple things in life.

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