Once again
For the nth time
Feeling a bit dazed
A bit more confused
And much more pained
Than the times before

I lay on the ground
And close my eyes
To reflect on the pain
To reflect on my mistake

How could I not see
That I was about to mistep?
How could I not know
That when I felt the wavering
That I was about to fall?
I became distracted
I became too confident
Within the stability
Of that last rung

I open my eyes
And look up once again

So many rungs
That seem endless
Some rungs are easy
Some nearly unattainable
Then there are those
That come graciously to you
Offering a higher view
Of the beauties of life
To only slip and fall
Within regretable mistakes

So I pick myself up
Brush myself off
And reach for the first one
Knowing that within each fall
I climb once more
To an even higher rung
To eventually reach the goal
Of touching heaven

(c) 2004 Dvs

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