These are past word that were left unsaid...I don't want them anymore...enjoy.


Within her glance
I see the world
Of endless possibilities

Within her touch
I sense the beginnings
Of eternal wonders

Within her embrace
I feel the enwrapment
Of unfathomed bliss

And within her kiss
I am consumed
Willingly and completely

© 2005 Dvs


I love you
I love all that you are
I love all that you will be
I love all that you'll always be

I love the sight of you
The softened curves
That unleash within
Forgotten fires

I love the smell of you
The sweetened scent
Enchanting within
Of heavenly bliss

I love the feel of you
The touch of velvet
Draped within the satins
Of pure enticement

I love the taste of you
Like exquisite wine
To savour and nourish
An eager mouth

I love your delightful squeals
Within unexpected surprises

I love your joyous laughter
Within carefree happiness

I love your dream filled eyes
Within the ripples of ecstacy

I love your softened sighs
Within the waves of desire

I love the presence of you
I love the memories of you
I love all that you are
I love you

© 2005 Dvs

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